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The Home of the Famous British Primitive Artist Alfred Wallis





It was to this cottage that he retired and after the death of his wife - painted for twenty years, "...for company." He was discovered by other famous St.Ives artists: Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth, Christoper Wood and Peter Lanyon. His work can be seen in the Tate Gallery.

Alfred Wallis painted deeply mystical, primitive yet intuitively sophisticated paintings of the sea, boats and harbours. He released more than one generation of British artists to be true to themselves. His influence continues today.

Wallis only began painting at the age of seventy, three years after his wife Susan, who was 20 years his senior, died; he said he did it ‘for company’.


His Life and work were recently shown on television as part of the BBC's 'A Picture of Britain' ---

‘I have always loved painting and scenery. The connection between the British landscape seen by all of us with the naked eye and the same landscape seen through the eyes of artists, musicians and writers is fascinating. In A Picture of Britain I will be exploring these links and looking at their impact on our national character, seeking out the countryside we admire and the reasons we cherish it.’ David Dimbleby.

In the final episode - 'The Mystical West', Dimbleby visits St Ives, concentrating on Wallis, he sees the legacy of the famous artistic community that settled here in the Thirties, seeking to rediscover an innocence and purity of artistic vision in the unique and dramatic light of Cornwall.

follow this link for more information on the series from the BBC's website.

There is a Tate Gallery Exhibition following this television series, 'A Picture of Britain - A Celebration of the British Landscape', follow this link.

and a book of the same name, follow this link.